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Sleep Appliances


One of the overlooked treatment options is a dental appliance for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing such as snoring or sleep apnea. Many medical conditions, both past, and present can contribute to conditions in the mouth and quality of sleep.

Chronic sleep deprivation is damaging to everyone’s systems and our patients can’t be their healthiest if they are not getting regular, restful sleep.

At Bridgewater Family Dental we screen for possible situations that may impact your quality of sleep. Even patients who have sought care from their physicians may not be helped by their current treatment. Some of our patients have reported that they are disappointed in their CPAP device.

A dental appliance is a custom-made medical device that positions the jaws in the best position to allow the free-flow of air during sleep. When airflow is undisturbed your body sleeps soundly for longer periods of time.

PLEASE NOTE: No dentist can diagnose the medical condition of sleep apnea. A sleep study must be conducted and diagnosis by a physician is required. We work with a sleep study company that make this step as easy as possible. The device is mailed to you. The sensor is placed over your finger/hand and you sleep in your own bed! The next day you mail the device back to the company. An experienced physician interprets the data and renders a diagnosis. A dental appliance is then created, inserted, and adjusted by the dentist.

Let us know if you have any sleep concerns no matter how trivial they may seem. Our survey can help identify areas that should be investigated.

Are you getting the rest you need?

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